Seren’s brewer also happens to be something of an historian! History meets beer in recreations of some notable beers from the past.

NEP – 8%. A porter brewed to a 1926 recipe from the Soviet Union. Russian hops and rye malt are used liberally in this beer. An extremely popular beer from the NEP era that may fuel historical debate. Brewed with the Russian Serebrianka hop.

Wager – 10%. A stout brewed to a recipe from Russia in 1907, the same year that Stolypin announced his ‘wager on the sober and the strong’.

Red October – 5%. A red hued “Martovskoe” style beer, brewed as a Soviet equivalent of the German Oktoberfest/Marzen beers but a little sweeter and hoppier. Brewed with the Russian Serebrianka hop.

Taiga 6% – A golden beer with a twist. This originally comes from a recipe brewed in Siberia where pine trees grow on the taiga. Golden, with a distinct pine aroma from the use of spruce tips.