Recovery Ales – It’s not about the bike

Rule #93 states that “descents are not for recovery, Recovery Ales are for recovery.” As our brewer is a keen cyclist, we agree. As the brewery is also 200 yards from the end of the descent from the biggest climb in the Preselis, we are well situated for a stop to grab some Recovery Ales.

If you come to the brewery with a bike (preferably on it, but with it is ok) or show us proof that you’ve been riding in a Welsh cycling event (e.g. Tour of Pembrokeshire, Preseli Angel, Wales Velothon etc), we’ll give you a discount. We’ll even fill your bidons with beer!

Compact Dubbel – 6% Belgian inspired and richly malty. Lots of recovery in there, and enough alcohol to help you say “shut up legs.”

Don’t Ride Triples – 6.5% Golden, and strong, and definitely Belgian. Just like the lion of Flanders. [Rule #47  – Drink Tripels, don’t ride triples].