Buy direct from the brewery

You can buy beer direct from the brewery.


Growlers are containers for draft beer for you to take home and enjoy. They contain 2 litres of beer, and kept unopened, the beer will stay fresh for 4-5 days. Once opened, you should consume the beer within 48 hours. As you can get them filled in our brewery, you are able to buy fresh beer direct from us for you to enjoy at home!

Once purchased (growlers cost £3 for plastic, £5 for glass), the growler is yours forever. All you would need to pay for in future would be the beer to fill them and you can bring them back as many times as you like!

Growlers are not only a more economical way to buy beer to take home than buying bottles, but also much more environmentally friendly.

We have growlers available for purchase from our brewery, with the opportunity for you to come and get them filled direct from the source. Growlers are available in glass (soon) and plastic (now) versions. The glass ones have the brewery logo printed on them. Beer is subject to availability, and we will list on the site and on our chalkboard what is available at the time.

Currently available for growler fills:

Bluestone IPA 4.2%

Factory Steam 4.5%


Coming soon:

Indian Ink 5.6%